Georgia Short Term Rental Laws: Airbnb and Vacation Rental Regulations

Georgia short-term rental laws and regulations are up the individual cities. Learn more about the regulations and taxes of Georgia cities for Airbnb properties.

6 Best Smart Locks for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

The best Airbnb smart locks allow you to manage vacation rental guest access. Learn about the costs, reviews, and host recommendations for airbnb smart locks.

Alabama Short Term Rental Laws: Airbnb and Vacation Rental Regulations

Alabama short term rental laws are specific to the individual cities. Learn more about the licensing, restrictions and costs to operate an Airbnb in Alabama.

Vacasa Property Management Review: Is Vacasa Worth It?

Vacasa property management offers vacation rental owners and Airbnb operators a full-service management solution. Learn more about Vacasa reviews, costs, terms, and services.

Evolve Vacation Rental Property Management Review: Is Evolve Worth It?

Evolve is a half-service property management solution for Airbnb owners. Learn about Evolve property management, costs, requirements, reviews, and alternatives.

California Short Term Rental Laws: Airbnb and Vacation Rental Regulations

California short term rental laws make starting an Airbnb business difficult and expensive. Learn more about the state and city regulations for vacation rentals and how to get the appropriate licenses and more.

How to Use Investment Property Search

Awning investment property search is the best way to find on-market investment properties with complete analysis for long-term and vacation rentals. Learn more about how to use Awning property search.

How to Use the Investment Property Feed

The Awning property feed is a curated list of investment properties for long-term and vacation rentals. Learn more about how properties are chosen and how to use the property feed by Awning.

Airbnb Property Management: Ultimate Guide

Short-term rental property management is the process of managing a property directly by the owner or by a third-party. Learn about what property managers do, how much services cost, and what to look for.

Guesty Review: Is Guesty Worth It For Hosts?

Guesty offers short-term rental investors and managers tools for automating property management. Learn more about the tools, services, pricing, reviews and alternatives to Guesty.

AirDNA Review: Is AirDNA Worth It?

AirDNA offers short-term rental investors multiple tools to help before and after the purchase. Learn more about the solutions AirDNA offers, how they work, what they cost, AirDNA reviews and alternatives to consider.

AvantStay Review: Should STR Investors Consider AvantStay

AvantStay offers short-term rental investors the opportunity to buy, sell, and manage a vacation rental. This AvantStay review includes services, pricing, alternatives, and a deep look at what investors are saying about AvantStay.

Mashvisor Review: Is Mashvisor Worth It?

Mashvisor provides data and tools to short-term and long-term rental investors. Learn about Mashvisor products, costs, free-trials, reviews and if it's worth it in this Mashvisor review.

North Carolina Short Term Rental Laws: AirBnB & Vacation Rental Regulations

North Carolina has few state-wide short-term rental laws and curbs local regulations making it easier for airbnb and vacation rental investors to get into the market. Learn more about the laws and taxes at the state and local level.

Tennessee Short Term Rental Laws

Short term rental laws in the state of Tennessee vary by the individual city, with little interference at the state level. Learn about regulations in Memphis, Chattanooga, Nashville and more.

AirBnB Cap Rates for 2022: What to Expect

When searching for a vacation rental property, investors look at cap rates. Learn more about how cap rates are calculated and what AirBnB cap rates to look for. Review by First-Time Remote Investor

Manoj is a first-time remote real estate investor that worked with Awning to complete his first remote purchase of an investment property in Texas. Learn more about his experience with Awning.

8 Best Florida Investment Property Locations

Miami, Orlando and Clearwater are the best Florida investment property locations for short-term and long-term rentals. Learn more about the best Florida investment property opportunities for different investors.

How to Use the Airbnb Estimator Chrome Extension

Awning's Airbnb Estimator Chrome extension allows you to see how much you can earn by turning any Zillow or Redfin listing available in the United States into an Airbnb or short-term rental. 

How to Start an Airbnb Business: 5 Steps for Investors

Setting up an Airbnb after purchasing an investment property is straightforward. Learn about common issues to avoid, how to research the rules, and how to start an Airbnb business that works.

How to Make (The Most) Money With Airbnb: 8 Best Practices

To make money with Airbnb an investor must list the property and set it up for success. Learn more about furnishing, listing, and optimizing the experience to maximize earnings.

Rabbu Data Review: Is Rabbu Data Worth It?

Rabbu provides vacation rental investors with tools and management solutions to optimize revenue. Learn more about the costs, terms, products, competitors and alternatives that are available for investors.

AirBnB vs VRBO: Which is Best for Vacation Rental Owners?

Airbnb and VRBO are the two most popular platforms for vacation rental owners to list their properties. Learn about the differences in listings, audience, pricing, refunds, and customer service.

Airbnb Profit Margins: How to Calculate and Estimate

Airbnb profitability depends on the type of property, going rate, maintenance costs, taxes and licensing fees. To determine profitability start by estimating the average daily rate and working backwards.

AirDNA vs Mashvisor: Best AirBnB Data & Alternatives

AirDNA and Mashvisor provide data and insights for existing and potential short-term rental properties. Learn more about what each company offers.

Short Term Rental Tax Deductions: 4 Categories

Short term rental tax deductions are important for managing the tax burden of your vacation rental business. Learn more about what qualifies for deductions and how you can deduct it from your taxes.

Furnishing Cost for an Airbnb Property: What to Expect

Furnishing an Airbnb can be done on a budget, but great furnishings can be key for high return on investment. Learn what to expect for every room when you furnish an Airbnb.

Top 7 AirBnB Management Companies

Top vacation rental management companies offer full and half service at various rates. Learn more about what each property manager offers, costs, and reviews.

How To Estimate Airbnb Revenue for Free: Awning Airbnb Estimator

Estimating the income of a potential vacation rental investment is the best way to ensure a good investment outcome.

6 Best AirBnB Florida Markets for Investors 2022

Investors looking to maximize revenue, vacation on their own, or invest on a budget will find Florida accommodates every vacation rental strategy.

AirBnB vs Long Term Rental: Which Strategy Works Best

Renting an investment property as a long-term rental or an Airbnb has tradeoffs. Learn about the tax, income, setup, management, legal and insurance considerations.

Texas Short Term Rental Laws: AirBnB & Vacation Rental Regulations

Texas has very few state-level short-term rental regulations. That leaves most of the details of regulations up to individual cities. Learn more about different laws and tax requirements for each Texas market.

Florida Short Term Rental Laws: AirBnB & Vacation Rental Regulations

Florida short term rental laws are easy to follow for investors. Vacation rental operators must be licensed in most cases and need to meet some additional criteria. Review Overseas Investor: Julie Prochasson

When asked to summarize her experience with the Awning team in one word, Julie responded: Resourcefulness

19 Best Real Estate Investing Websites

Investors need a source for listings, a way to do due diligence, and a way to ask a question from their community., PropertyShark, and BiggerPockets are best.

Awning Partnerships

Awning partners with the best property managers, lenders, and insurance companies to bring real estate investors an unparalleled professional network.

How to Find Investment Properties: 5 Simple Steps

Real estate investors must understand the market, define criteria, and search for properties to find the best investments. Learn more about how real estate investors are searching for properties. Review For First-Time Investors

Dias Gotama is a first-time investor that worked with to start his portfolio. Review for Experienced Investors

Terry describes his experience with purchasing multiple investment properties through Terry is an experienced investor that already had a small portfolio when he joined Awning.

Long Term Rental Property Management: Ultimate Guide

Property management is for investors to maintain, lease, and oversee investment properties. Learn more about property management history, costs, terms, procedures, and more. Review For Busy Investors

Busy investors are always having to deprioritize searching for great properties and getting all the details of an investment together. That's where was able to help Jen.

How To Start Investing in Real Estate with

Awning agents help investors find investment properties, analyze them, and buy them. Starting your investment journey with Awning is the best way to avoid mistakes and grow your investment.

Top 5 Investment Property Loans and Lenders for 2022

Investors can choose from traditional mortgages, mortgage brokers, DSCR financing, and portfolio financing options to purchase real estate investments. Learn more about who offers each of those options. Review - Transitioning From Traditional Agents

Juan details how he transitioned from a traditional agency to Awning and started purchasing investment properties.

Top 5 Places to Invest in Real Estate in Houston, TX 2022

Spring, Pasadena, and Friendswood are amongst the top places to purchase real estate investments in Houston Texas, based on income, projected growth and appreciation.