How it works

Awning has made investing in real estate easy by creating a world-class technology and brokerage built for the part-time real estate investor.

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Curate and customize your feed

Sign up for Awning, choose the collections you're interested in, and answer our questionnaire. We'll curate recommended homes in your feed and customize our return calculations based on your personal financials.

Meet your advisor

Schedule an intro call with your Awning advisor, a licensed real estate agent who can help you through the process of selecting, buying, and setting up a rental home, including financing and property management.

Review your matched properties

We'll send you new properties daily that match the collections you're subscribed to. Use our platform to hide the ones you don't like and express interest in the ones you do.

Tour and make offers on your favorites

Once you've expressed interest in a property, leave feedback for your Awning advisor to review and take actions like scheduling an in-person or virtual tour or starting an offer on the home.

Negotiate and close

Once you've started an offer on the home, Awning can help you in setting a price, negotiating with the seller, doing an inspection, and ultimately closing on the home.

Connect with your property manager

If you don't have a property manager in mind, Awning can help set you up with one of the best in the area. Your property manager will manage the day-to-day operations of your rental home, so you don't have to find a tenant or worry about small issues.

No hidden fees

We do all of this without charging any additional fees. We make money the way all agents do, through the standard buy-side commission built into every listing on the market.

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