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ResourcesseparatorProperty Management

Best Vacasa Competitors for Airbnb Management Services: Who Offers More?

Key takeaways

Best Vacasa Competitors for Airbnb Management Services: Who Offers More?

Vacasa is the largest and best known full-service Airbnb management company in North America, but this doesn’t make it the best one. Indeed, many Vacasa hosts and guests complain about multiple aspects of the services provided by the company, so understandably hosts are evaluating Vacasa competitors.

In this article we will look into the pros and cons of using local property managers as an alternative to large, nationwide companies like Vacasa. We will also analyze the services, costs, terms, and customer reviews of 5 major Vacasa alternatives with multi-market coverage and evaluate which one does what best. 

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The top 5 Vacasa competitors include:

  • Awning: Best Overall Vacasa Alternative
  • AvantStay: Best for Large Homes
  • Rabbu: Best for Low Revenue Airbnb’s
  • Air Concierge: Best for Luxury Airbnb’s
  • Casago: Best for Mixed Short and Long-term Portfolios

The top 5 Vacasa competitors are:

Awning: Best Overall Vacasa Alternative

Awning is a full-service vacation rental property management company that was founded in 2020 by Shri Ganeshram and Danaus Chang with the mission to make real estate investing simpler and more accessible for everyone. They headquartered the company in San Francisco, CA. 

One way in which Awning makes real estate investing simpler is by providing top-quality property management services which cover all the needs of in-state and out-of-state investors and their properties. The Awning team has 5+ years of experience in managing short-term rentals and 10+ years of experience in the industry.

One way in which Awning makes real estate investing simpler is by providing top-quality property management services which cover all the needs of in-state and out-of-state investors and their properties. The Awning team has 5+ years of experience in managing short-term rentals and 10+ years of experience in the industry.

One way in which they do that is by providing top-quality property management services which cover all the needs of in-state and out-of-state investors and their properties. The Awning team has 5+ years of experience in managing short-term rentals and 10+ years of experience in the industry.

Awning manages all types and sizes of Airbnb rental properties in all US markets, which makes them the best Vacasa alternative. Property managers have true nationwide coverage, providing services across all locations, as showed by Awning reviews.

The range of services which Awning offers makes them a truly full-service Airbnb property manager, not just by name. As we will show shortly, their services include everything from getting the property ready for renting and receiving guests to all day-to-day tasks and long-term maintenance.

Vacasa vs Awning Property Management

Awning is still smaller than Vacasa though it’s growing at an impressive rate. At the moment, Awning manages 100+ vacation rental properties, so it can deliver a much more personal and more comprehensive approach to each individual property, compared to such a large-scale Airbnb property manager like Vacasa.

While the portfolio is smaller, it is well diversified because Awning covers locations in all US 50 states. This makes it superior to Vacasa which is present in 35 states.

Another important benefit of Awning is that it provides all services for a single monthly management fee. This sets it apart from Vacasa which charges separately for some additional services like interior design, linen management, and vacation rental insurance. The overall services provided by the two property managers are very similar, so with Awning you pay less and get more, that’s why Awning provides the best value for your money in the US market.

Awning publishes its management fee on its website, whereas Vacasa does not, and this lack of transparency is not a good sign for property owners. Awning charges an industry-low starting rate of 15% of revenue in all markets and for all properties, while Vacasa rates - as reported by hosts - range from 25% to 35% plus additional fees.

So, no matter what short-term rental property you own or think of buying, it’s totally worth checking out Awning among other Vacasa competitors.

Awning Management Costs and Terms

Unlike Vacasa and some other vacation rental property managers, Awning charges a single property management fee, with no additional, unexpected fees or charges. In this way, investors know the exact services which they will receive and the exact amount they must pay for them.

In addition, Awning has the lowest fee in the US Airbnb management industry, at 15% of revenue. For comparison, most Vacasa alternatives charge between 20% and 40%, some reaching even 50%. Meanwhile, they don’t always provide full-service property management despite their claims.

Awning can afford a low fee and offer all necessary services by automating many parts of the process that don’t require human intervention. This allows them to focus their team efforts on the services that need human input. For example, they use institutional technology providing billions of data points to optimize daily prices and maximize monthly revenue, but also run all results through their local team of experts to ensure that the numbers indeed make sense for the local market.

When hiring Awning, property owners keep full flexibility and freedom through one-month commitments instead of long-term commitment. Annual commitments, however, come at discounted rates. 

Some investors maximize their benefit by testing Awning for a month or two before signing a year-long contract. It gives both parties hands on experience working together on a property.

Importantly, when Awning manages your second home, you can use it for your personal needs any time you want. All you have to do is block the days on the calendar.

Awning Geographic and Service Coverage

Contrary to most Airbnb property management companies, Awning provides real nationwide market coverage. You can work with Awning in any single US state.

The full-service management tasks that Awning offers include:

  • Licensing
  • Listing creation, optimization by SEO specialists, and distribution
  • Listing marketing
  • Property photography
  • Property guidebook
  • Linen service
  • Laundry service
  • Cleaning
  • Restocking
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Pool maintenance
  • Hot tub maintenance
  • Dynamic daily pricing combining the latest technology with the human touch
  • Calendar management
  • Messaging service: 5-15 minute average response time compared to 1+ hour for competitors
  • Booking communication
  • Check-in and check-out management
  • Property maintenance

They include all these services in the 15% management fee that Awning asks for. 

Additional services available from Awning include:

Interior design: Head of Design worked at Airbnb for 7 years

Vacation rental furnishing including design consultation, design development, and white-glove delivery: Well-furnished short-term rentals see a 15%-50% increase in revenue 

Awning Property Management Customer Reviews

As a relatively new Airbnb property manager, Awning has a few online reviews, but they are all excellent.

  • TrustPilot: Currently 4.0/5 stars based on 3 reviews. Note that all three reviews are 5-stars.

Real estate investors share their satisfaction with all services that Awning provides including help with locating and buying profitable rental properties. Guests, meanwhile, give Awning-managed properties an average ranking of 4.8/5 across short-term rental listing platforms.

AvantStay: Best for Large Homes

The AvantStay Airbnb property management company was founded in 2017 by Sean Breuner and Reuben Doetsch, with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. AvantStay was established with the purpose of creating the ultimate group travel experience, and they continue catering to the needs of group travelers - families, friends, or colleagues - to the present day.

Because of this, AvantStay only manages entire homes which have at least four bedrooms.

Unlike Vacasa and other less specialized short-term rental property managers, AvantStay can focus its efforts on a single type of properties and guest experiences, which makes it the best-in-class Airbnb property manager in its specific niche. On the flip side though, you cannot hire this company if you own a property with fewer than four bedrooms.

Vacasa vs AvantStay

AvantStay is a much smaller company than Vacasa, which has its advantages and disadvantages. For comparison, AvantStay manages 600+ properties in 70+ cities in the US and Mexico only, while Vacasa has 35,000+ properties in its portfolio. Also, AvantStay remains a privately owned company, while Vacasa went public in 2021.

A comparison between the services offered by AvantStay vs Vacasa shows they are basically identical as both are full-service Airbnb property management companies.

One area where AvantStay stands out is its award-winning interior design team which is something that few property managers provide. This means that they can design and furnish your vacation rental home to boost bookings, daily rates, and overall Airbnb revenue.

AvantStay claims it can outperform competitors by 35%, while Vacasa claims to boost income by an average of 20%.

The major drawback of AvantStay compared to Vacasa is the fact that the former only manages relatively larger properties, while the latter takes care of all vacation rental property types. But if you own or plan to buy an investment property with 4+ bedrooms, it’s definitely worth checking out AvantStay.

AvantStay Costs and Terms

Similar to Vacasa, AvantStay does not publicize its Airbnb property management fees on its website. The website specifies that the fee is charged as a percentage of monthly revenue but doesn’t make it clear whether AvantStay has a single fee across all markets, property types, and property sizes. It's also not clear whether all services are included in the monthly fee or whether some are paid for separately. AvantStay reviews don’t mention what fees hosts pay.

In order to get a quote, a host has to submit their property via an online form and be in touch with a local representative.

The AvantStay website does not mention if short-term rental property managers need to sign any agreement or contract and how they can cancel the services. It mentions single-year and multi-year commitment, which differs from the terms imposed by most Vacasa alternatives who don’t ask for long-term commitment. This means that you have to do diligent research and be very confident that AvantStay will provide the services that you and your property need before hiring them.

Regarding property eligibility, AvantStay only manages entire vacation rentals with four bedrooms or more.

AvantStay Geographic and Service Coverage

AvantStay manages short-term rental properties in the US and Mexico. In the US, it covers 13 states including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah, and in Mexico it covers Baja California Sur. AvantStay’s market coverage is more limited than the Vacasa geographic coverage.

In terms of services, AvantStay provides:

  • Award-winning interior design
  • Smart technology device installation
  • Property listing on their website and 65+ top Airbnb distribution channels
  • Digital marketing
  • Commercial-grade property insurance with multi-million liability coverage
  • Cleaning
  • Restocking
  • Best-in-class property care and maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Local property repairs
  • Finances management
  • Guest vetting
  • Guest communication and 24/7 support

One thing that AvantStay does not seem to provide - compared to Vacasa - is help with getting the required local short-term rental licenses and permits. This is a major disadvantage as many US markets have introduced various short-term rental laws and regulations, many of which require getting a license or a permit, to be renewed annually. This takes time, so it’s ideal if the property manager takes care of it on behalf of the host.

Other than that, AvantStay is truly a full-service Airbnb property management company as long as you are interested in offering group stays.

AvantStay Customer Reviews

There are around 1,000 AvantStay reviews online that can be found on:

  • TrustPilot: Currently 4.7/5 stars based on 589 reviews
  • Currently 4.58/5 stars based on 271 reviews
  • Yelp: Currently 4.0/5 stars based on 141 reviews

Guests have written the vast majority of positive reviews of AvantStay. They praise the beautiful, high-quality, well-maintained properties in top locations. Many are happy with the communication and support provided by the local AvantStay team.

On the negative side, AvantStay complaints by property owners mention poorly managed vacation rentals, missing items from the property, financial discrepancies, and unexpected charges, with all these leading to missed income opportunities. A recurring complaint by guests which differentiates AvantStay from other Vacasa competitors is last-minute cancellations by the company without offering alternative accommodation.

Because of the number and nature of complaints by both property owners and guests, consider another Vacasa alternative when looking for the best Airbnb property manager.

Rabbu: Best for Low Revenue Airbnb’s

Rabbu was founded in 2017 by Emir Dukic and is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. The company was established with the goal of helping investors scale their portfolios of short-term rentals and maximize revenue. 

Rabbu offers full-service Airbnb property management across different property types and in various US markets, which makes it a close Vacasa competitor.

Rabbu short-term rental property management services are available for condos, single-family homes, multi-family homes, ADUs, and even hotels. 

What sets Rabbu apart from other Vacasa alternatives is that it employs a mix of automatic software tools and manual daily interventions to optimize the nightly prices of the properties that they manage. Relying on both innovative technology tools and traditional human approach makes Rabbu the best Airbnb property manager for dynamic daily pricing.

What sets Rabbu apart from other Vacasa alternatives is that it employs a mix of automatic software tools and manual daily interventions to optimize the nightly prices of the properties that they manage. Relying on both innovative technology tools and traditional human approach is what makes Rabbu the best Airbnb property manager for dynamic daily pricing.

Vacasa vs Rabbu

Rabbu is much smaller than Vacasa as it manages 320+ properties and buildings. While this means that they have significantly less experience in property management, it also means that the vacation rentals they manage might enjoy a more personal, tailored approach rather than the standard approach adopted by Vacasa.

A reason for the relatively few rentals managed by Rabbu might be that the primary focus of the business is on providing Rabbu data, tools, and solutions for finding and buying profitable short-term rental properties. This functionality makes Rabbu similar to AirDNA and Mashvisor plus the property management aspect which the other two companies don’t have.

Rabbu claims to outperform competitors by 47% in terms of revenue, which is much better than the average push of 20% which Vacasa hosts experience. This might result from the optimal dynamic pricing model which Rabbu has developed.

Similar to Vacasa, Rabbu does not say how much it charges on its website. The fee depends on location, number of units, number of bedrooms, and amenities.

Rabbu Costs and Terms

On its website, Rabbu says that it charges a single comprehensive fee for all the essential vacation rental property management services that it provides. This fee is calculated based on the market, the number of rental units, the number of bedrooms, and the guest amenities. It is a percentage of the monthly revenue, similar to the practices adopted by all other Vacasa alternatives.

To understand how much you expect to pay, you need to contact an expert in an online form. Interviews with current Rabbu clients reveal that Rabbu property management fees start at 25%.

There is no mention on the Rabbu website whether the company requires long-term commitment on behalf of property owners and whether they need to sign a written agreement. This is not a good sign as real estate investors need to know if they can opt out of any short-term rental management services in case they are not happy with them.

If you’d like to try Rabbu, we’d recommend that you get a written contract which specifies the exact services you’ll receive, the exact fee you’ll need to pay, and how you can cancel should you want to.

Rabbu Geographic and Service Coverage

The Rabbu short-term rental property management services have nationwide coverage. The Airbnb property manager operates in 60+ markets, from coast to coast. They can achieve national geographic coverage through a combination of market managers on the ground and a carefully vetted team of vendors for each property. This model resembles what other nationwide Vacasa competitors do.

Rabbu supplies vacation rental property owners with the following services:

  • Furnishing assistance
  • Expedited property onboarding
  • Smart home technology installation
  • Listing creation
  • Professional photography
  • Listing distribution on their own website plus all major booking channels
  • Daily dynamic pricing including technology and human interventions and length-of-stay adjustments
  • Calendar and booking management
  • Guest screening and verification
  • Guest communication and 24/7 support
  • Contactless check-in and check-out coordination
  • Cleaning coordination
  • Laundry coordination
  • Supply stocking
  • Property maintenance
  • On-demand financial reporting
  • Monthly financial statements and payouts

This list of services provided by Rabbu make it sound like a true full-service Airbnb property management company. Based on the information on their website, they include all these services in their comprehensive management fee.

Rabbu Customer Reviews

There are less than 100 Rabbu reviews on customer review websites.

You can find some of them here:

  • Google: Currently 4.3/5 stars based on 36 reviews
  • Yelp: Currently 2.0/5 stars based on 2 reviews

Many property owners and guests praise how Rabbu manages properties and handles customer relations. They are thrilled with the availability and the friendliness of the Rabbu team.

Others, however, complain about the lack of an adequate response by Rabbu customer support when needed.

The Rabbu online presence is rather limited to decide based on it. It would be a good idea to find some investors who work with Rabbu in your market and see what experiences they have had.

Air Concierge: Best for Luxury Airbnb’s

Ryan Danz and Claire Danz founded Air Concierge in 2014, with headquarters in San Francisco, CA. Air Concierge is yet another full-service vacation rental property management company which can be considered a Vacasa competitor though they offer more than Vacasa. The company aims to be a leading hospitality management team meeting the needs of both hosts and guests.

Unlike Vacasa and its competitors, Air Concierge does not limit itself to the provision of Airbnb property management services only. Instead, it also manages luxury rentals and Airbnb long-term rentals. This is not a service that many Vacasa competitors offer, and that’s what makes Air Concierge the best Airbnb property manager for luxury and long-term vacation rental experiences.

Importantly, Air Concierge has adopted a flexible management fee structure which reflects the type and length of reservations and the length of the host commitment. This means that the fee they charge for your specific situation.

Keep in mind though that similar to Vacasa, the standard fee includes a certain set of services, while additional services cost extra.

A major disadvantage of the company is that it is West Coast-focused, with very limited geographical coverage.

Vacasa vs Air Concierge

Air Concierge is significantly smaller than Vacasa although it’s been on the market for over eight years. There is no online information about the number of rentals that the company manages, but our estimate is a few hundred, at most.

Air Concierge is the better choice for investors who’d like to cater to the needs of luxury travelers or remote workers interested in Airbnb long-term rentals (1-3 months). The company is a leader in this class.

However, on the negative side, Air Concierge has very limited market coverage as it operates in just a few major cities on the West Coast, so its services are not available for investors in other locations.

If you have a luxurious short-term rental property on the West Coast, it’s worth checking out Air Concierge as they specialize in this type of Airbnb property management service.

Air Concierge Costs and Terms

Similar to some Vacasa competitors, Air Concierge does not charge the same fee for all properties. However, unlike Vacasa, the management fee does not depend on the market and the property size but on the length of the reservation and the type of rental. Air Concierge is very transparent with its pricing structure, which is made available on the company website.

The maximum fee that property owners pay is 25% of revenue with a three-month contract and 22% of revenue with a one-year contract. Luxury home management fees go down to 20% and 18%, respectively, for the two contract lengths. A luxury rental counts for one with booking fees starting at $1,000/night. The fees are even lower for 30, 60, and 90-day reservations, reaching as low as 10% of revenue (for 90-day reservations with a one-year contract). This makes Air Concierge significantly more affordable than Vacasa, which charges between 25% and 35% of revenue.

Hiring Air Concierge requires a three-month commitment or a one-year commitment. This is a major drawback as hosts should be able to cancel short-term rental property management services if they are unsatisfactory.

Air Concierge Geographic and Service Coverage

Air Concierge has much more limited market coverage than most top Airbnb management companies. It’s present on the West Coast only, in the following cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Marin, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Orange County, and Settle.

Air Concierge offers the following property management services as part of the standard fee:

  • Multiple listings setup and management
  • Professional photography
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Guest verification
  • Guest inquiry response and communication
  • 24/7 guest support
  • Purchasing and restocking supplies
  • Post-stay major incident evaluation
  • Damage claim filing
  • Maintenance oversight and management

In addition, there are some extra services provided by Air Concierge which, however, are paid for separately:

  • Trash take out
  • Alarm activation/deactivation
  • Wireless entry keypad
  • Noise monitoring devices
  • ToT permit, collection, and remittance
  • Seasonal home inspection

While Air Concierge promotes itself as a full-service vacation rental property management company, this is misleading as not all core services are included in their standard package. For example, hosts cannot achieve passive income if they themselves have to take the trash out between guests. Importantly, the company website does not specify how much these additional services cost. So although Air Concierge seems to have low management fees, they might significantly underestimate these should you aim for achieving a completely hands-off approach.

Air Concierge Customer Reviews

There are only a few dozen online Air Concierge reviews, which is surprising for a company that’s been around since 2014.

You can find some reviews on:

  • Yelp: Currently 4.0/5 stars based on 58 reviews

Some property owners share very positive experiences working with Air Concierge, praising the helpful team and the high-quality services. Others though have had quite negative experiences. Common Air Concierge complaints include properties not being cleaned between bookings, the door being left open for guests to check in, and rude and unprofessional customer support.

There are limited online reviews so property owners who use the Airbnb property manager in their local market to see how their experiences have been. Alternatively, they can check out one of Vacasa competitors with a more solid online presence and less extreme reviews.

Casago: Best Property Manager for Various Rental Types

The Casago property management company was founded in 1996 - well before the Airbnb boom - by Steve Schwab, with headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ. Besides vacation rentals, the company also manages corporate housing, furnished long-term rentals, unfurnished long-term rentals, and single-family homes.

Casago prides itself on being owner-centric, so they put the property owner at the center of everything they do. They achieve this by taking each team member through an indoctrination course to become an owner’s advocate in all aspects of the business.

Casago manages different property types and the owner-centric philosophy make it the best rental property management company across different rental types.

Vacasa vs Casago

Despite having over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Casago remains smaller than Vacasa. There is no public information on the number of short-term rentals that Casago manages at the moment, but our estimate is a few thousand. This could be a good thing since it might show that they focus the company on providing top-quality services to property owners and their second homes rather than purely growing.

The primary advantage of Vacasa vs. Casago is that the former manages different types of rental properties and is not limited in scope to vacation rentals only. This is important for investors who consider buying a long-term rental or corporate housing.

The company claims that they can push host revenue by 30% on average, compared to the 20% claimed by Vacasa. So if you consider investing in long-term rentals or corporate housing, Casago might be a good Vacasa alternative to check out.

Similar to Vacasa, Casago is present in limited markets outside the US.

In terms of services, Casago is not really a full-service rental property manager.

Casago Costs and Terms

Contrary to Vacasa, Casago asks for a single management fee of 18% of monthly revenue. This is a low rate across the industry, which might be partially attributed to the fact that the company manages not only short term but also long-term rentals that require less work. The list of services provided by Casago does not seem to be as comprehensive as the services offered by some other Vacasa competitors.

Casago does not require long-term commitment on behalf of property owners. Hosts can cancel the services provided by the company with a 30-day notice. This is a very positive indicator as investors should be able to opt out of management which does not meet all their expectations.

Casago Geographic and Service Coverage

Casago services are available in 21 US states and DC - including most of the best cities to buy rental property - as well as Mexico. This means that they cover less than half the US market, so whether you can use this Airbnb property manager really depends on your selected location.

The services covered by Casago include:

  • Property listing
  • Property photos
  • Technology-based marketing
  • Guest and stay coordination
  • Professional housekeeping
  • Pool upkeep
  • Groundskeeping
  • Check-in and check-out management
  • 24/7 guest support
  • Cleaning
  • Restocking
  • Tax collection and remittance
  • Property upgrades
  • Rental permits
  • Property maintenance

Casago does not explicitly state that all these services are included within the 18% property management fee. So it’s important for property owners to get a specific list of the exact services they will benefit from should they choose to hire the Casago short-term rental property management company.

Casago Customer Reviews

There are 200-300 online Casago reviews which is too few for a company that’s been around since 1996.

You can read some reviews of Casago here:

  • Facebook: Currently 4.6/5 stars based on 197 reviews
  • Yelp: Currently 3.0/5 stars based on 36 reviews
  • Currently 1.5/5 stars based on 2 reviews

The positive reviews talk about nice properties, excellent locations, and helpful customer support staff.

The negative reviews of Casago complain about last-minute cancellations by the company, lack of cancellation flexibility in case of emergency for guests, properties in a poor state, and lack of humanity on behalf of the support staff. Some hosts also report excessive damage to their properties which they discovered on their own, being unnoticed or unreported by Casago.

These Casago reviews make us doubt if this is the best choice for an Airbnb property manager or if property owners should look elsewhere.

How We Evaluated Vacasa Competitors

Choosing the best full-service Airbnb management company - whether Vacasa or one of its competitors - is not a simple decision. It requires taking into consideration a wide range of factors.

In our evaluation of these 5 main Vacasa competitors, we’ve looked at the services that they provide, their market coverage, their pricing model and structure, and how happy or unhappy property owners and guests have been with them.

Top Vacasa competitor costs and terms:

Vacasa Competitors: Full-Service Property Management

Local Alternatives to Vacasa

Many real estate investors looking for passive income go straight for large Airbnb management companies, while local property managers are a viable alternative. Choosing either vacation rental management model comes with pros and cons, so property investors need to look at both options before deciding.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages that working with a local property manager offers, compared to hiring a large company like Vacasa:

Pros of Local Airbnb Property Managers

  • Personal approach: Hiring a local small-scale property manager comes the closest to managing your short-term rental on your own. Many local managers think of their portfolio of properties as their own, maintaining better communication and contact with hosts and guests, while taking excellent care of vacation rental homes.
  • Expert on the local market: Local property managers are focusing on one market and know everything about it including Airbnb daily rates, high and low season, high-demand designs and amenities, required stocks, etc.
  • Local presence: A local manager is available 24/7 in this exact market. You will deal with them directly instead of with their representative. Many property owners who work with large property management companies like Vacasa complain local teams are unprepared, disinterested, and unavailable.
  • Service flexibility: When you deal with a local Airbnb property manager, you can agree on the exact services which you and your property require. If you hire a global company, it usually provides a package of services that is the same for all hosts.
  • Lack of corporate concerns: A local short-term rental property manager cares about their reputation in the local market and about growing their business locally. They don’t have to report to corporate management. Meanwhile, some investors blame big companies like Vacasa that they care too much about business growth and not about managing properties on the ground.
  • Lower management fees: Vacation rental management companies charge between 20% and 50% of monthly revenue, depending on the exact services that they offer, the market, and the property type and size. Local property managers ask for lower monthly fees as all profits go to them and do not get spread across the corporate ladder.

Cons of Local Airbnb Property Managers

  • Limited ability to scale: If you decide to expand your real estate investment portfolio by buying another Airbnb property, the local property manager you’re already working won’t take care of it. As local property managers have a team of just a few people, they cannot scale as fast as large companies, especially in other markets.
  • Limited resources: It’s tempting for local Airbnb property managers might to take on the management of more properties that they can handle to grow their business. But they face limited human resources, which might compromise the quality of services they offer, unless they hire more staff.
  • Lack of accountability: Local property managers do not have to answer to nationwide corporate management, so they experience less accountability.

How to Find the Best Local Airbnb Property Manager

If after considering the pros and cons of working with local vacation rental property managers vs. multi-market companies, you decide to opt for the former, here’s how to look for the best one in your location:

  • Consult with local short-term rental property owners: The first step is to locate a few real estate investors in your market and ask who manages their properties. Inquire about the exact services they receive, the fees they are charged, the terms they had to agree to, their overall satisfaction with the Airbnb property manager, and areas where the manager might fall short.
  • Read online reviews: After you’ve gathered the names of a few recommended local property managers, check out what both hosts and guests say about their experiences online. Both positive and negative reviews can be very revealing in terms of what to expect when hiring a particular manager.
  • Talk to the property managers in person and ask to visit their properties: Before you make your final decision, meet the top property managers in person, ask to see the agreement or contract you have to sign, and ask to see some properties that they manage. In this way, you can check the state of their short-term rentals with your own eyes.


Choosing the right Airbnb property management company is as important for the success of your business as choosing the right property to invest in. While Vacasa is a well-known short term rental management company, it’s not necessarily the best, based on the many complaints by hosts and guests. That’s why we’ve looked at the top five Vacasa competitors to help you find the most appropriate Airbnb property manager for your specific property and needs.

* If you’re searching for the best Airbnb property management company in the US, Awning is the nationwide leader in vacation rental management, providing full-service management in all 50 US states, for an industry-low rate of 15% of rental revenue.

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