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Key takeaways Review by First-Time Remote Investor

Manoj found Awning through a recommendation by his property manager. He already owned one property near his home in California and was ready to make an investment remotely.

In particular, Manoj was exploring Texas and quickly found that he simply did not have enough time to understand the area and complete all of the analysis on his own.

Manoj had this to say about his impression of Awning:

“Everything at Awning was very crisp and clear. I don’t have much time to go back and forth. Everything is to the point and exactly what I’m looking for.
"Real estate investing is super simplified with Awning. It’s as simple as going on Amazon and shopping.”

Awnings analysts found 10 properties in Texas that matched Manoj’s criteria and together with his agent Humberto they narrowed down the list to 3 target investments to make offers on. 

“Awning gave me the confidence to invest out of state and found me a property in Texas with positive cash flow.”

When recommending Awning, Manoj talks most about how Awning screens and analyzes property on your behalf. 

“You don’t have to do the majority of heavy lifting to research the properties, run your numbers, make comparisons. It’s super simplified and makes it easier to compare properties.”

Humberto, Manoj’s dedicated agent, gave him the confidence and advice he needed to select deals, back out of deals that didn’t work, and ultimately close on a property in Texas.

“I was worried about getting enough time from the agent, his calendar looked packed. However, when I send him a text or an email he responds very quickly to my ideas and concerns. I really appreciated all the work that Humberto put in.”

Airbnb Property Management by Awning

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