Vacation rental furnishing

Awning has created the best vacation rental design and furnishing service on the market. We handle everything from analyzing the competition, to design and setup.

Working with Awning

Working with Awning to furnish your vacation rental has no additional cost when compared to other options and includes these benefits:


vacation rentals designed and furnished

7 years

time our Head of Design worked at Airbnb


higher revenue from well designed Airbnbs

How it works

Get to know us
Awning's vacation rental furnishing service

Strategy consultation

We’ll learn more about your property, needs, budget, and goals. We’ll use this information to come up with a strategy for furnishing the property to perform best as an Airbnb and figure out what amenities you’d like to offer guests.

Start designing
Awning's vacation rental furnishing service

Design time

Collaborate with a professional designer on our team to get your perfect look. They’ll ensure that the resulting designs will perform well as an Airbnb and cover your needs as a host.

Get it delivered
Awning's vacation rental furnishing service

White glove delivery

We ensure the furniture and amenities are delivered and assembled so that your home is setup to start running as a vacation rental. Sourcing, shipping, delivery, assembly, and clean up are all taken care of.

Complete your listing
Awning's vacation rental furnishing serviceAwning's furnishing service for your property on Airbnb

Start booking

Furnishing usually takes end-to-end about 4 weeks. After that, you can start booking stays in your vacation rental and start earning income as a host. You can work with Awning’s Vacation Rental Property Management team to setup and manage the listing for you.

Everything you need including furniture, accessories, design, delivery, setup, and clean-up.

Quick Delivery

Your furniture generally arrives in 2-3 weeks.

One-Day Setup

Our setup team will setup the entire space in one go, once all of the furniture has arrived.

Move-In Ready

We offer move-in kits with all the kitchen essentials and necessary linens and towels to make a home move-in ready.

Host Ready

We can install smart locks, TVs, internet and routers, as well as games, coffee makers, grills, and other amenities so that you can start taking bookings.


We help set a budget to get the best return from your furniture investment. Furnishing a short term rental costs anywhere between $15,000 to $45,000 depending on the size, level of finish, and amenities you provide.

Awning's vacation rental furnishing service for your propertyAwning's vacation rental furnishing service for your propertyAwning's vacation rental furnishing service for your property

Vacation Rental Furnishing

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Awning’s Short Term Rental Property Management Services


Why get professional furnishing service for a vacation rental property?

Great furnishing driving revenue and a great team will save you time on coordinating transport and setup. Professional furnishing also means that the furniture is selected for durability and design, which gives you a better return on investment.

How does furnishing impact vacation rental revenue?

The top 90%-95% of short-term rentals earn 2x-3x more revenue than the properties in the 50th percentile. Style and furnishing sells the property on the page, when a potential guest is browsing available homes. Better furnishing, results in more bookings and lower vacancy, which in-turn increases the profitability of the investment.

How long does the furnishing process take?

Design can happen as you close on the property with the first delivery taking place within 1-2 weeks of closing. The complete furnishing process takes between 4-6 weeks. Of course there are some variables to consider like the home size, amount of furniture, and types of amenities that need to be installed by the team.

How is the decision made around style and furnishing?

You’ll work directly with design professionals that have worked with AirBnB. These designers have worked on some of the top Airbnbs in the country. There is no generic 2-bedroom package. Every design starts by considering the location and specific floorplan of the property. A unique design for every vacation rental.

Can the furniture be financed?

There are options to finance the furniture available. For the most up to date information and an assessment of your current borrowing situation, speak to an Awning agent about financing your vacation rental furniture.

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