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ResourcesseparatorProperty Management

What Property Owners Are Saying About Vacasa: A Comprehensive Review

Key takeaways

What Property Owners Are Saying About Vacasa: A Comprehensive Review

Investors need to take care of managing a short-term rental after buying it. If you have a full-time job and little experience in real estate or if you invest remotely, you will need to resort to the services of a vacation rental property management company.

One of the first names that will pop up during your research is Vacasa as this is the largest and the best known property manager in North America. However, is Vacasa worth it? Are the fees that they charge worth the quality and type of services that they provide?

In brief, no! Vacasa reviews by property owners reveal a lot of problems and issues. While some investors praise the services which the company has delivered to their short-term rentals, the lack of personal touch, the absence of proper communication, and the poor quality of property maintenance disappoints others. 

Online reviews of Vacasa reveal owners cannot entrust their properties with Vacasa and expect everything will go well and it will maximize their income.

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Vacasa Overview

Vacasa is the biggest and most popular short-term rental property management company in the entire North America, with over 35,000 vacation homes in its portfolio. The company covers 35 US states and Canada, Mexico, Belize, and Costa Rica. As a full-service vacation rental management provider, Vacasa claims to help hosts increase their revenue by an average of 20%.

The company provides the following services to investors:

  • Preparing the property for listing and renting includes helping with interior design, installing smart home devices, providing linen, managing and up keeping hot tubs, and getting legal permits and licenses.
  • Creating and managing rental listings on their website and top channels like Airbnb, VRBO,, etc.
  • Digital marketing of vacation rentals
  • Managing calendars and bookings
  • Managing, communicating with, and supporting guests
  • Cleaning and stocking between stays
  • Setting up dynamic daily pricing
  • Regularly inspecting and maintaining properties
  • Supporting hosts with tax documents

Hiring Vacasa does not require long-term commitment. Hosts need to sign an agreement. Property owners can cancel the agreement at any point with a 90-day notice by contacting the company.

Unlike most other top Airbnb management companies, Vacasa has not published its fee structure on its website. What is clear from the website though is that costs vary from one location to another and from one property type to another. 

The company charges separately for additional services like smart home devices, linen, etc. According to reviews by property owners, Vacasa usually charges between 20% and 35% of revenue.

Vacasa Review Overview 

While investors can find a lot of reviews of Vacasa online, guests write most of those. Hosts have also posted reviews that are very revealing in terms of what future hosts can expect when working with Vacasa.

The main websites with Vacasa reviews by property owners and guests include:

  • TrustPilot: Currently 4.1/5 stars based on 8,991 reviews. Reviews posted by hosts are few and negative as their properties have not been well maintained. Guests share both good and bad experiences, ranging from beautiful rentals in top locations all the way to lack of communication on behalf of the Vacasa team and inadequate cancellation policy in case of emergencies.
  • Currently 4.11/5 stars based on 2,537 reviews. Vacasa reviews by hosts are negative, highlighting the lack of communication, the poor cleaning practices, additional unexpected charges, and difficulty getting out of management agreements. Reviews by guests are mixed.
  • Yelp: Currently 2.5/5 stars based on 1,386 reviews. Happy property owners comment on the comprehensiveness and the quality of services that Vacasa provides, while dissatisfied ones complain about the company being too focused on top management and understaffed on the ground. Meanwhile, some guests had great experiences, while others found dirty, poorly maintained rentals.
  • Sitejabber: Currently 1.17/5 stars based on 610 reviews. Both host and guest reviews of Vacasa focus on poorly maintained and dirty properties which are nearly inhabitable as well as lack of care about customers.

Reviews of Vacasa by property owners cover the entire spectrum, from being extremely happy with the company to being completely disappointed. The main issue with this Airbnb property management company is its inconsistent coverage. Some local teams go the extra mile and provide everything that hosts and guests need, while others are disorganized and simply careless.

This means that investors need to study the local team carefully before deciding whether to hire them. It might also be a good idea to check out one of the best Vacasa alternatives in the local US market.

Top positive Vacasa reviews by property owners include:

Good: Vacasa Keeps Properties Occupied

Some real estate investors who have worked with Vacasa highlight the fact that their properties are always rented out. This is crucially important for the success of a vacation rental business and the optimization of Airbnb profit margins

Revenue and ROI in the short-term rental industry are determined by two key factors: occupancy rate and daily rate, as well as recurring expenses. So, it’s important to maximize the occupancy rate, and it seems Vacasa does this through an excellent marketing strategy and by reducing prices.

Sheryl T. wrote on Yelp:

My property manager is very responsive and the bookings are non-stop. The Revenue I receive is great. My home is usually always booked. I like to stay periodically and have to put in for it in advance which is a wonderful problem to have! I have no complaints.

Similarly, Ralph Pombo shared on the BiggerPockets forum:

Vacasa has been very good for us and we have a 99% occupancy rate since opening again after the Covid restrictions. We had 98%-99% before Covid too.

Achieving high occupancy is a great indicator of the potential of the Vacasa vacation rental management company. However, since this depends on the efforts of the local marketing team, it’s worth checking out the bookings of rentals managed by Vacasa in your location and talking to other investors around to see how their experiences have been.

Good: Vacasa Provides Full-Service Management

Vacasa promotes itself as a full-service vacation rental management provider, ideal for property owners with full-time jobs or out-of-state residency. Some Vacasa reviews by hosts agree the services offered by Vacasa exceed what most other managers provide and allow investors to achieve passive income.

Steven Cochrane highlights this in his review of Vacasa on BiggerPockets:

We have a second home at N. Lake Tahoe managed by Vacasa. We have had this home as a vacation rental for 1.5 years (owned since 2010). Vacasa is for those who want a full service management company; way more than a long-term rental where a manager collects rent and calls for repairs. 

Vacasa provides you with prorated owner insurance (charge for rented days only), marketing (photos, description, pricing, website), advertising via web, whole house cleaning and supplies such as paper towels, all soaps, sponges, garbage bags, damage repair and can schedule owner required repairs/maintenance (water heater, snow removal, yard maintenance, etc.). 

If you are hands on and your rental is your business, then Vacasa is not for you. If you work full time and will pay for turn key services, then you will make money with Vacasa despite their fees. You have calendar access to block out dates for personal, family or friends' use. So, compare your time and out-of-pocket expenses; you'll save doing it yourself, but if you want to avoid hassle, we found Vacasa to fit our needs.”

Chris M. also shared how impressed he is with the services provided by Vacasa in his review on Yelp:

That said, I realize this is a newish company providing ALL services related to keeping these rentals occupied and there's a lot that could go wrong. They do all the booking, advertising, providing directions to the house, answering questions and more questions, cleaning, making the beds, cleaning the grills, filling gas canisters, doing minor repairs to coffee makers, even teaching guests how to turn on the heat, and on and on and on. None are things I'm able to do myself and I'm pleased to say they do all and do them well. I have to say I'd be just as comfortable with their care of these properties if I lived on the other side of the country, not up the street as we do.

These reviews sound great if you’re looking for a company that will tackle all aspects of vacation rental management on your behalf. However, keep in mind that they included some services in the Vacasa core program, while others are paid separately. So if you opt for hiring this company, make sure they include the list of exact services you will benefit from in a written agreement.

Good: Vacasa Fees Are Worth It

While Vacasa does not show its pricing structure on the company website, in their reviews hosts report fees ranging between 25% and 35% of rental income, which is on the upper limit within the industry. However, many agree that the fee they pay is worth it because of the quantity and quality of short-term rental property management services which Vacasa provides, compared to competitors.

A host who hired Vacasa to manage their property in Panama City Beach, FL wrote the following positive review on BiggerPockets:

They earn every penny of their money since their fee is comprehensive of so many services. I gasped when I heard it myself since I thought property management was 10%! But the world has changed and how we market in it has changed. I don't know any company more process driven or capable on the online marketing front which is what drives occupancy rates.

Another vacation rental property owner shared on Reddit:

Their fees are the same as the other competitor in my town, and communication has been very responsive. As I said in my other reply, it's mostly the quality of the local staff that has kept me with them.

Steven Cochrane also commented on his positive experience with value for money when working with Vacasa in North Lake Tahoe on BiggerPockets:

We did compare and found other management companies to charge less commission, but for fewer services.

If after reading these positive Vacasa reviews, you think that’s the right choice for your investment needs, get an exact quote from the Vacasa team. Remember that their fees vary from one market to another and from one property type and size to another. Thus, make sure that the fee you are offered makes sense in your particular situation.

Good: Vacasa Maintains Vacation Rentals Well

Good property maintenance is a crucial aspect of running a profitable rental business, especially when it comes to short-term rentals which incur more wear and tear than their long-term counterparts. Several Vacasa reviews by property owners praise the maintenance and upkeep and the cleaning services which the company provides to its customers.

In an interview with Awning, Shaun Martin shared:

I didn’t have any worries regarding this because the customers to whom they rented out my property were well-mannered and took care of my home as if it were their own.

Sheryl T. wrote the following in her Vacasa review on Yelp:

I have allowed Vacasa to manage my property in Florida for over a year now. I am pleased with the upkeep of my home. Maintenance does a great job of taking care of things so I don't have to worry about anything. They even take care of the pool and housekeeping.

Chris M. also praised how Vacasa has taken care of his vacation rentals on Yelp:

We own 3 short-stay rentals in Anacortes, WA that have been managed by VACASA since we set them up in 2018. We read the reviews of the company before deciding how to proceed with management, chose them anyway and we're so glad we did. They've done a wonderful job cleaning and maintaining the properties as well as keeping them rented. That isn't to say there haven't been hiccups, this being the Covid and all, but local VACASA management has always done everything in their power to preserve our investment and keep it profitable.

These reviews of Vacasa are definitely reassuring. You should keep in mind that guest experiences seem to vary significantly between markets. So if you decide to work with Vacasa, visit and check on your property every couple of months to make sure that it is well maintained and properly cleaned.

Good: Vacasa Team Is Responsive

When you choose a short-term rental property manager, you want not only someone who will do the job but also someone who will communicate well with you and with your guests. 

After all, you need to know what is going on with your investment property at any point in time, and you also need to know guests can contact customer support and have all their questions and concerns addressed in a timely and satisfactory manner. Many property owners are happy with the level of responsiveness on behalf of the Vacasa team and how they have been handling their needs.

Matt James said the following in an interview with Awning:

I am a short-term rental property owner in the Seattle area and I have been working with Vacasa as my property manager for the past year. Overall, I have been very happy with the quality of service that they have provided. They have been very responsive to any issues that have come up and they have always been willing to work with me to find a solution that is satisfactory for both parties. The one thing that I love about working with Vacasa is that they are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that my property is well-maintained and that my guests are happy. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a property manager.

In another interview, Shaun Martin also praised the communication and support provided by Vacasa:

In my experience, working with Vacasa has been a very positive experience. They are quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have had and they always seem to be available when I need them. The team is very professional and they have always gone above and beyond to meet my needs.

Similarly, Sheryl T. wrote on Yelp:

No company is perfect yet I have established a great relationship with the team and if I have an issue I contact them and it is quickly resolved.

This is a very positive indicator if you are thinking of hiring Vacasa for the management of your Airbnb property. Still, we’d recommend that you have a good, deep conversation with the local team before deciding to work with the company. You want to make sure that the local team is really devoted and responsive as that’s much more important than the top-level management of the company.

Top negative Vacasa reviews by property owners Include:

Bad: Vacasa Lets Properties Get Destroyed

Having your rental property poorly maintained and suffering from major damages can turn into a significant money drain. This can largely inflate your rental costs and eat into your cash flow and return on investment. You’ll be losing more money as guests will not be staying with you. 

Many Vacasa reviews by hosts complain about the poor maintenance work by the company, the lack of regular inspections, and the severe damage caused by guests that Vacasa failed to take care of.

Lisa Day shared the following negative review on BiggerPockets:

Vacasa kept my home filthy, ruined my swim spa, ruined my golf cart batteries and stole personal property from me. Then they lied about it all the way up the chain. RUN FROM VACASA!

Jenny Ostos also had a very unpleasant experience with Vacasa as demonstrated in her review on BiggerPockets:

I expected Vacasa to take care of my home professionally, which is why I agreed to there outrageous charges. When I came home, my dryer was gone. A barstool was gone. A writing table was destroyed. A wooden prayer in a shadow box was gone. 3 Room heaters were gone. A Dremel kit...gone. All bathroom accessories were gone. All trash bins (all pricey to match decor) were gone. Expensive Shark iron, gone. They let me walk in and never even KNEW these things were missing. This means, when a renter takes your table, they don't get charged, Vacasa lets them have it like a FREE gift. Every time I asked for a replacement, they would argue that wear and tear was the culprit, even though the appliances were NEW and I was gone 2 years. When they did replace the items it was with CHEAP PLASTIC. NOT EVEN MATCHING. As if throwing a cheap plastic brown trash bin would suffice for my wooden espresso trash bin that was part of a set! There are not enough words to describe these thieves. Stay away and never trust them with your home.

Cathy P. wrote another negative Vacasa review on Sitejabber:

“In the 2 months Vacasa managed and cleaned our home, my husband and I incurred over $800 in damages from renters. We discovered the damage ourselves when we walked into our home March 5, 2022. Vacasa failed to notify us of any damage during this period, and since Vacasa was responsible for cleaning and notifying us of damage ... we were shocked! In addition, we were not able to determine when the damage occurred and which renters caused the damage. Had Vacasa notified us of damage and sent pictures when renters left, we could have filed a claim against the renters for damage. Discovering all damage on our own made it impossible for us to determine when damage occurred and who was responsible.

Damage incurred included, but limited to:

.  3 missing door knobs

.  broken tile on wet bar

.  broken drum in year old Maytag washer

.  toilet paper roll torn out of wall

.  stained carpet

.  marks on wall where leather chair rammed into wall

.  ripped chair back

.  broken wooden angel above fireplace

Vacasa refused to pay for all damage done by renters in Jan and Feb after Vacasa took over my property management in Dec and requested responsibility for all cleanings and inspections.”

This is a major complaint about the services - or lack of such - which investors should take seriously. Having your vacation rental property in a poor state will not only affect your occupancy rate as guests will not stay there but can also result in a major repair bill down the road. So it is worth looking for one of Vacasa competitors that have not received such negative reviews.

Bad: Vacasa Charges Unexpected and Fake Fees

That Vacasa does not publicize its fee structure on its website raises a red flag. However, property owners go far enough to blame the company for additional unexpected fees and fake charges for services that were not requested or not even performed. 

This not only means that investors are losing money paying for services they did not receive but also speaks of the deceitful nature of the short-term rental property management company.

Kim H. shared her very negative experience with this issue on Sitejabber:

We were owners of a property rented out by Vacasa and they refuse to return the rest of the money we earned since ending our relationship several months ago. They have charged us for services, repairs, and goods never rendered because we lived out of town. We caught them doing it several times because we periodically visited our property. They owe me and my family over $1,500. DO NOT HIRE THEM TO MANAGE YOUR PROPERTY!!!!!!

Brandon S. also complained about the fees they have charged him on Sitejabber:

As a homeowner I can say management is horrible. Housecleaning is even worse. They charge for unnecessary home repairs. Do not return email.

DC wrote the following on

Vacasa takes 30% and then also charges me for hauling away garbage, etc... They also charge the guest extra fees for dog and hot tub but do not clean for those fees. I've received one bad review for a dirty home (it was one of the few times I was not in the home between guests and cleaned myself).

This is a very serious accusation which is repeatedly found in online Vacasa reviews by property owners. As a host, consider staying away from a short-term rental manager who charges you wrongfully as this is an indicator that they might lie about many other things as well.

Bad: Vacasa Has Poor Communication and Customer Support

While some property owners think Vacasa has a superior customer support team that is always there for both hosts and guests, others complain about the complete absence of communication and assistance. 

One reason for this discrepancy in Vacasa reviews could be differences between local teams, so the company does not hire and vet its staff equally well.

Stephanie Allred wrote the following negative review of Vacasa on the BiggerPockets forum:

We use Vacasa for our property in Whittier, NC which is near Maggie Valley. We just had our first guest check in yesterday and I'm already disappointed with Vacasa from a communication standpoint.

Brandon Shores shared his disappointment with the Vacasa team communication skills on TrustPilot:

As an owner in ocean city, MD. I can say management is horrible and unprofessional at it gets. Does not return emails, rude and insulting.

John P. talked about his experience with the lack of customer support on

This company is a fraud. They take your money, then provide no service. I have tried to message the property manager (Vacasa) for almost a month and have never gotten any responses. I tried calling them, and I was on hold for 2 hours and nobody ever picked up. My rental is coming up and I still have no confidence that there will be anybody at the other end of the phone if I have a problem.

Not being able to reach your vacation rental property management team is an issue you shouldn’t take lightly. While this might depend on the local staff, it also shows that Vacasa as a whole does not put enough effort into working with top managers in each market. So, check out other alternatives that provide consistent services across locations.

Bad: Vacasa Makes It Hard to Get Out of the Agreement

Although Vacasa does not require long-term commitment and claims that hosts can get out of agreements at any point, some investors have faced unexpected difficulties when attempting to quit. This has affected their ability to switch to another property manager, leaving their property vacant and costing them money.

This is what DC shared on

They are completely incompetent. Now that I am attempting to end my contract they are not removing my I cannot get bookings through my new property management company. They do not respond to emails about this other than "talk with your house manager" who in turn says "we don't know talk with owner support". They have cost me a great deal of money and the worst part is they have created a poor guest experience which is ultimately the people we are trying to serve! Beyond irritated and frustrated with this terrible company.

The freedom to work with the best Airbnb rental management company is a right that you should have as a real estate investor. You should be able to get out of a contract with a manager who cannot provide the agreed upon services. However, this is not the case when hiring Vacasa. Thus, property owners should take their business elsewhere.


Vacasa is definitely one of the biggest and most popular names in the vacation rental property management industry in North America. However, this doesn’t automatically mean that you should hire it without checking the experiences of other hosts beforehand. Online Vacasa reviews by property owners show some very positive and some very negative experiences. Complaints like deceitful charges, severe damages, uncleaned properties, and poor maintenance should not be ignored. Thus, investors should consider Vacasa competitors whose reviews reveal better host experiences.

* If you’re looking for the top Airbnb rental management company in the US market, Awning is the national leader in the vacation rental property management business. It offers full-service property management in all 50 US states, helping you make truly passive income at an industry-low fee of 15% of monthly revenue.

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