Investor Education

Part II: The Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing

In the first part of our Tax Benefit Guide, tax deductions were highlighted. In this edition, the focus is going to be on 1031 Exchanges.

Awning: A Guide to Property Management

Awning’s job does not stop once we’ve helped you close on a great investment property. Our team has vetted hundreds of reputable property management companies and partnered with the best to ensure that your investment will be well taken care of by experts on the ground.

Part I: The Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing

When evaluating an investment, tax savings are commonly overlooked. While it may not jump out at first when calculating cap rates or cash on cash, taxes play a crucial role in making the decision to jump into real estate investing.

Group Investing — How to Purchase a Home with Friends or Family

Investing with friends and family makes sense for several reasons. For some individuals, the idea of putting a hefty amount of their net worth into a single investment seems risky, daunting or even impossible. For others, it simply offers a way to diversify their portfolios across more asset classes than if they were investing alone.

Buying an Investment Property through Awning

The first question we always get is, how does Awning make money? The answer is simple — we represent you, the buyer, in the real estate transaction and therefore earn the buy-side commission paid by the seller. This means that as the buyer, you will not pay additional fees by working with us over a traditional real estate agent.