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Awning is the only way to find, analyze and buy the best single family rental homes for sale. Our technology and brokerage help you close on properties quickly and confidently, even in the hottest markets.

Investing in real estate has never been so simple


Our technology finds you the best homes and markets to invest in. Every property we deliver you includes a full picture of its financial returns and has been reviewed by experts on our team.


Feel empowered with support from your Awning Advisor, a licensed agent and investing expert. From identifying markets that meet your goals to negotiating an offer, your Advisor has you covered.


A streamlined investing experience for the busy investor — book tours, chat with your Advisor, and make offers online. Get paired with a vetted property management partner after you buy.


The world's first brokerage focused exclusively on real estate investing

Awning Advisors are top performing real estate agents, trained to help investors find and buy single family rental properties that meet their investment goals. Our advisors are supported by property analysts, touring agents, and transaction coordinators so that they can focus their time and energy on you.


A powerful platform built for the wise investor

Awning is the only platform that enables you to discover, analyze, and buy on-market single family rental properties in a streamlined way. We've hired leading technologists from institutions like Apple, Google, and MIT who have redesigned the investment experience to be data-centric and customer-first.

Curated collections of rental homes

Awning curates the best rental properties in a market into investor-friendly collections. Easily find homes with collections like The Best School Districts in Dallas or High Yield Areas in Austin, TX. We will even custom tailor collections for you if you'd like.

Personalized, real-time feed of new listings

Awning automatically updates your feed as new listings are added to your collections. We review these listings as soon as they hit the market and notify you if they're good, so that you can be the first to offer.

Analytics & insights with every listing

Every listing on Awning comes baked with information on the neighborhood and estimates of the property's financial and return metrics. We hand check all of these numbers. You can finally say goodbye to your spreadsheets.

Smart offers & recorded tours

Place offers and request recorded tours completely online. When you're ready to offer, we'll engage the listing agent and give you suggestions on pricing and help you negotiate.

Customizable to meet your needs

You can customize many parts of your Awning experience, from tweaking the assumptions we use to calculate returns for you to working with us to curate a custom collection of homes that suit your investment criteria.

No hidden fees

Awning provides its services without charging extra. We make money the way all agents do, through the standard buy-side commission built into every listing on the market.

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"I have purchased several rental properties with many different agencies over the last decade.

After buying two homes with Awning, I can say that their process is the best way to find properties that meet my investment criteria and enabled me to close on homes I wanted quickly and confidently.

The Awning team and technology are, hands down, the best I have worked with."

Terry, real estate investor of 10 yrs

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